Our Projects

Global Citizen x BeyGOOD fellowship Programme – Curriculum designer

Developed and designed a learner-centred curriculum for the Global Citizen Africa office fellowship programme, aimed at preparing young people aged 20 – 27 for the world of work.

The curriculum empowers learners to shape their perspectives, open up their minds to different world views, reflect on their education and career journeys and consider their place in the world.

Afrika Tikkun

Our role at Afrika Tikkun is an evolving one due to the great relationship we have and continue to build with our client. They have come to trust our instinct, appreciate our sound and practical approach to the state of things on the ground and have come to seek our counsel as part of developing progress across numerous projects. Our role includes that of Strategic Relationship Management, District Development Model (DDM) Champion, Shared Service Platform – Project Manager and have regional oversight as the organisation scales up.

Price Waterhouse Coopers International Limited

 Co-developer and Co-delivery on product design

Unilever - DBE OMO Grade R Programme - Strategy Development, Programme Management, Programme Implementation, Stakeholder Management, Advocacy Strategy development, Management and Implementation

As Programme lead, we provide education and technical expertise to assist the OMO brand team in developing a sustainable and long-term relationship with the Department of Basic Education (DBE) primarily, and the education sector at large.

We advocated for the voice of the OMO brand and the adoption and implementation of learning through play pedagogy in the foundation phase as the best opportunity to develop and nurture competencies that will help children thrive in a constantly changing world.

One World Network of Schools

South Africa strategy – Thought Partner

Gauteng Department of Education & The Gauteng City Region Academy (GCRA)

Approximately 6000 young people in the Gauteng Province will receive technical and practical training through the Solar Installation training programme that the Gauteng Department of Education’s Gauteng City Region Academy (GCRA) and MerSETA will be launching over the next three years. The programme’s main goal is to give young people the renewable energy knowledge and skills necessary for the growth of resilient societies and industries across the nation. 

The programme targets young people in the province’s five corridors’ townships, informal settlements, and hostels (TISH). Our responsibility is to Project Manage the  GCRA Solar Installation training project and offer Continuous Professional Development to all GCRA’s youth professionals. 

NECT - Project Management, Stakeholder Management

The Human Resource Development Council

Connecting outputs from the basic education sector to the requirements of the business sector, is the central focus of the work. We manage stakeholders, coordinate experts in various fields, host critical review sessions, led the development of a summary paper and deliver the NECT mandate to the Human Resource Development Council.Our work includes project managing delivery of outcomes in-between summits.


The Sandbox Schools Project

We were strategic think partners providing support and input into the design and articulation of the vision and provided project management and implementation skills to the NECT’s Edhub; the division within the NECT tasked with focusing on the future of schooling.


The National Institute of Curriculum and Professional Development (NICPD)

We provided project management capacity on this project which included managing subject matter experts, contributing to the concept document and managing the consultation process.


Civil Society Task Team

One of the rare gifts the pandemic bestowed upon the education sector was the increase in collaboration and consultation opportunities. The DBE, through the NECT, called upon the sector to deliberate and ideate on how to solve the numerous challenges presented by the pandemic. We were central to the coordination of these consultations and the subsequent facilitation of projects that emanated out of the discussion.


National Association of Social Change Entities in Education (NASCEE)

Vaccination campaign: communications campaign and content development.