Building Lasting Legacies

About Us

We are a project management consultancy operating in the public, private and development sectors. Our passion is expressed in how we find solutions in the domains of education, sport, the arts and in how we help clients solve for the Youth and the ECD sector.

Ngezwe is an isiZulu word that, loosely translated, means “of the world”. It is who we are at our core; a global organisation that is firmly rooted in the African values of ubuntu. Our ability to  merge global perspectives with local best practice to all our services makes us truly glocal.

Our main services comprise of strategy development, management, implementation, research, monitoring and evaluation. Ngezwe boasts seasoned professionals that partner with young talent who comprehend that the true value and potential of an idea is in its execution. We are deliberate about work that has impact and contributes to the building of a lasting legacy.

The power of the collective is of value to us, we constantly seek out those that we can partner with in order to enhance and leverage synergies. We are an original brand that is weary of duplication.

Ngezwe is 100% Black Female owned and managed and is a Level 1 BBBEE contributor.

Think Partner

Do you have the beginnings of an amazing idea but can’t seem to synthesize it into an actionable proposition? Or do you have a project that needs fresh thinking to get it off the ground or to achieve its objectives?

Let us be the bridge that takes your idea from inkling to action and enable your project to succeed. Through our rigorous brainstorming sessions, we will assess your efforts, identify your goals, consult with our extensive network and develop a practical strategy to help you develop your idea or project,  all the while asking that critical question, “How do we make this better?”

Management and Implementation

We believe that the best way to solve a problem is to first experience the problem first hand and use that to gather insights from those on the fore-front of your biggest challenges. This is how we ensure that our solutions are uniquely suited to your particular challenge. We are your quintessential activator, driven by the impetus to bring ideas to life as quickly, efficiently and inclusively as possible.

Our Leader

Inspiring new ideas, building lasting legacies

Dudu is a strategic executive and project director that breathes life into big ideas. She is a burst of energy that you need in order to get past convention, to see beyond theory and to make decisions that will impact the future of your business, your customers and our country.

She is a PhD candidate with the University of Johannesburg and has an MBA from the Gordon Institute of Business Science. She has operated in various senior to executive management positions in organisations and has served on the boards of JSE listed companies. As a business solutionist, she has ideated, managed and implemented projects across the public and private sectors and is a business owner.

Her extensive portfolio across industries has sharpened her business acumen and has served to deepen her strategic prowess, stakeholder management skills and implementation methodology.

Dudu is also a public speaker, facilitator, mentor, and coach. She has a natural gift of connecting with people, a great sense of humour; relateability helps her connect with her audience and she is able to turn reticent stakeholders to champions of ideas. She engages, always from a place of love and recognition of the humanity in everyone she engages with.

What our clients have to say

I must mention, Dudu you and your team are doing such amazing work in the space. I don’t think we could do this without you. I mean when I saw the project charter and the level of detail, everything you do has massive amount of detail and that is amazing. I think you're doing so amazing, I’m so appreciative to have you part of the project, I don’t think we say it enough. Thank you so much.

Ant Borstlap, Omo Marketing Manager (Unilever).

Dudu Makhari must be one of the most energetic , highly intellectual and charismatic ladies I am privileged to know and work alongside . She has an emotional maturity that defies her age . She loves a challenge particularly one where others needs are to be met. In short she is an inspiration.