Our Programmes

#Iamngangezwe Leadership

#IamNgangezwe Leadership programme is a leadership development
programme aimed at capacitating the representative council of learners (RCL) in public schools with leadership and management skills. The programme is designed to ensure all elected individuals understand the role they will serve in and empower them to experience personal growth in the process. 

The programme is designed to facilitate personal management, help
learners understand and develop peer leadership skills and how to
support school management, help the RCL to engage with and be part of their immediate community and to cultivate active citizenship in service of our country.

#IamNgangezwe is a program that is highly experiential, exposing learners to different perspectives, places, organizations and challenges– often at a global scale. Under pinned by robust methodologies, thought leadership and learning frameworks, we will give learners the skills and experiences to become leaders who can make an impact–at work and in society.

African travelling school

A traveling school for post school young adults. Provides project based learning to actively pursue the realization of Africa’s Agenda 2063 and the Sustainable Development Goals in Africa. Develop and influence-through exposure and first hand experience of the continent a generation of African leaders, determined to create a narrative about the continent that inspires pride, love, respect and the desire to nurture, build and ensure the prosperity of the continent through solving and mitigating against challenges that plague the continent. Students spend 3 months in a different country connecting with and working with other young people pursuing and solving challenges they are also interested in. A curated curriculum of syllabi from around the continent with an exit certificate that’s. recognized by all universities on the continent and top universities from around the globe.

No one Left Behind

This programme aims to be responsive and active in addressing the needs of the community. We think it is important that we are in tune and in touch with what is happening in the community. In 2020 we responded to the COVID crisis in Education and provided educational material for children living on the margins of society in their foundation phase of education that do not have access to remote learning tools. Through this initiative, we provide non-digital educational interventions to ensure that these children we able to continue learning through the Covid-19 lockdown period.

The Service Hub

Service Hub: Through this program, we aim to provide office space and host a service hub where young people can be trained to provide key support services to SMMEs whilst under the supervision of a business mentor. This program supports youth desperately needing meaningful work experience who do not have access to technology or data. It pairs them with SMMEs that require such services and allows them to gain meaningful work experience.


Ngangezwe Foundation offers consulting services to clients. Our main services comprise of strategy development, management, implementation, content design and delivery, research, monitoring and evaluation. Ngangezwe boasts seasoned professionals that partner with young talent who comprehend that the true value and potential of an idea is in its execution. We are deliberate about work that has impact and contributes to the building of a lasting legacy. 

Global Citizens

Global Citizen x BeyGOOD fellowship Programm & Curtis Fellowship

We provide soft skills curriculum design and delivery.

  • BeyGood x Global Citizen Fellowship 2021/2022: Programme development

Powered by BeyGOOD, the Global Citizen Fellowship Program is unearthing African youth with remarkable potential. Through the program, 15 young people will each engage in a paid, year-long fellowship aligned to one of Global Citizen’s four pillars of activity: creative, campaigns, rewards, and marketing.

  • Curtis Fellowship programme: Programme development

The 2022 Curtis Fellowship is an annual leadership development program to support youth ages 18-21 from underserved communities in South Africa who embody the values of global citizenship. Curtis Fellows will further develop their professional and personal development through an innovative and engaging curriculum. After completion, fellows will receive letters of recommendation, guidance on future endeavours and stay connected with other Curtis Fellow alumni.