No Child Left Behind

This programme was incepted to provide educational material for children living on the margins of society in their foundation phase of education that do not have access to remote learning tools.

Through this initiative, we provide non-digital educational interventions to ensure that these children we able to continue learning through the Covid-19 lockdown period.

Wendywood High School

Together with the community we have partnered with Wendywood Highschool to rehabilitate this community school that has been overrun by leaner apathy and delinquency. This leadership program nurtures and transforms grade 8 learners and places them on a path of civic agency and servant leadership to transform the tenor of the school as a whole. 

Youth Development

The Service Hub

Through this program, we provide office space and host a service hub where young people can be trained to provide key support services to SMMEs whilst under the supervision of a business mentor. This program supports youth desperately needing meaningful work experience who do not have access to technology or data. It pairs them with SMMEs that require such services and allows them to gain meaningful work experience

Motlabe Development

Through our programme we aim to give young people access, experience and exposure to opportunities. Our objective is to equip young people with life management skills by providing guidance in contextualizing and planning their journey. We believe agency is paramount to lead a fulfilling life and encourage young people to cultivate personal agency as they take their place in the world.  

We influence their world view and clear their vision to see the world as their oyster.