A Worthy Vision Attracts Great Worth

What we believe

We believe that personal agency and Integrity are the cornerstones of all our lives. We believe that service is our highest calling, and so we serve – the youth, teenagers, children, civil society and individuals who want to contribute to building a better South Africa and Africa for all. We believe education is the path to emancipation and truly, the window to hope and possibility. We believe that art is the greatest ally in our search for joy. Knowing our purpose and lifelong learning is the glue that binds what we believe. What do you believe?

Who We Are

Ngangezwe Foundation is an NPO and approved PBO.
We are dedicated to building resilient leaders
through education, sport, art and youth
development initiatives. We seek to inspire
young people, teenagers and children and broaden their horizons
through exposure to global concepts steeped
in local values.
Our custom programmes are aligned with the
United Nations Sustainable Development
Goals and African Union’s Africa 2063 goals.
Through our interventions, we help young
people develop personal agency, gain personal
and emotional awareness, leverage their
strengths and accelerate their personal growth.
Our expected results through everything we
do, are young people that are self-aware,
socially aware, emotionally intelligent and are
active citizens, with a high level of personal


We deliver solutions for youth development in the education, sport, and art sectors. Through these solutions, we aim to contribute to the development of young people that are emotionally mature, socially aware, culturally grounded, and active citizens who are independent thinkers, responsible and can become economically active. We are also the conduit that connects organizations and individuals to their social investment aspirations by facilitating fund establishment, management, and assessment. Partner with us today to build an educated, active, and inspired South Africa for all.



Agency is the feeling of control over ones actions and the consequences. Personal agency enables young people to achieve extraordinary milestones. We are passionate about helping young people discover, develop, nurture and protect personal agency to build lasting legacies. 


We highly value honesty in all our dealings in society and serving the community. We strive to be ethical and above reproach in all our projects upholding Ubuntu principles. We view our beneficiaries through the Ngangezwe lens, they are bigger than their circumstances and environment. 


We believe in producing quality work. We always aim for excellence in our pursuits to serve communities. We understand the gravity of our role and responsibility in the community and seek to fully immense ourselves to serving those around us. 


We deliver what we pledge. Our aim is to be active in providing support through our various programmes, in an effort to be in right standing in the society.

People Focus 

As a Foundation we are people-centric, we prioritise building authentic connection with people in the community. We believe service is our highest calling and serving people is at the heart of our mission. Communities can only thrive if the people living in those communities are flourishing. We aim to support people and help them on their journey to greatness.


It takes a village to make a difference. We believe in collaborating with partners to increase our reach and impact to benefit the community. 

How we make a difference

We take great pride in being an organization that delivers transformative and high-impact youth development interventions through personal and career development, education, arts and sports initiatives.